Lhea Scotto-Laub As president and owner of Quantum Business Group, Inc., Lhea has prepared more than 12,000 résumés, cover letters and bios since 1988 and has placed more than 1,000 people in career positions. By providing Human Resources professionals and decision-makers with the targeted information and buzz words that are strategically placed and intrinsic to your field, your résumé becomes a powerful tool. Lhea has consistently received excellent feedback and is recognized as an expert in the résumé writing field. In fact, HR professionals have utilized her services to have their own résumés done! read more

Professional Résumé Writing

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Résumé and CV Writing

We do an intake, gathering all your information. We then determine a game plan and create a draft. Lastly, we collaborate on this new marketing tool, making final changes to ensure you are satisfied with the results. You should look at the final résumé and feel confident and excited to move forward.

Résumé Editing

If you already have a résumé that you feel needs to be spruced up. We can take the résumé to a whole new level. We evaluate the document and have a discussion with you to determine the methods and marketing strategy necessary to greatly improve your document.

Cover Letters

We prepare your cover letter from scratch. Whether you need a simple or complex document, we can meet those specific needs. Your cover letter should never be more than one page and should capture the reader's attention so that there is interest in meeting you. We utilize cutting-edge techniques to get reader's eyes to move down the page.

Difficult Backgrounds

If you believe your background is challenging and that you may have a problem getting a job, definitely contact us... we specialize in this! We utilize creative marketing techniques to steer the reader to all the positive attributes you possess and away from any areas of concern.

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Career Change

  • We are an expert at strategically marketing you
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